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Qognify launches Cayuga R15 Video Management System

16 June 2020

QOGNIFY – THE technology solution provider for physical security and enterprise incident management – has announced the launch of Cayuga R15. The company’s video management system (VMS) for multi-site corporate and enterprise projects focuses on enhanced usability and connectivity, improved maintainability and intelligent analytics.

One of the main goals while developing Cayuga R15 was to help security personnel quickly identify, locate and evaluate an event. This can present a real challenge when end users are operating large systems with widely distributed locations and a large number of cameras.

Cayuga R15 solves this problem by supporting the use of the powerful Esri ArcGIS mapping platform, enabling cameras to be positioned on a map and made available globally (depending on access rights, of course). Multiple views or areas of interest within one map source, as well as the clustering of icons depending on the zoom level, make it easy to keep the overview on the map at any time.

The new Qognify Mobile Client is another powerful tool present within Cayuga R15 that improves the ability to respond to an event. The Mobile Client is the result of Qognify’s cross-product initiative designed to combine the benefits of technological assets within its VMS portfolio. It can connect to Cayuga and Ocularis installations using a smart phone or tablet, enabling security personnel to view live streams as well as browse and playback recorded footage remotely in a totally revamped and intuitive design. This is available for iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded from the App Store or from Google Play at no additional costs.

For organisations in the retail sector, for example, that often need to export video in a way that doesn’t infringe privacy rights, Cayuga R15 adds a new Export Designer. This software module enables the editing (blurring and/or masking of moving objects and static areas) of video sequences to be exported. This new functionality is complemented by an optional Export Validation Tool, itself provided on the Qognify website, that can be used to easily check that exported footage supplied for the purpose of evidence has not been tampered with.

Time management feature

Many other changes, both big and small in nature, have made it into the new release. For enterprise customers, there’s a new time management feature that enables the use of multiple distinguished holiday calendars within one organisation. Active directory management has been further improved and now offers even deeper integration for setting user rights directly in Windows.

Finally, for those customers relying on video analytics as part of their security regiment, Cayuga R15 now employs deep learning-based Artificial Intelligence to deliver optimised object classification. This helps to set up video analysis faster and mitigates false alarms caused by common occurrences such as insects and headlights.

Carsten Eckstein, head of product management for Cayuga at Qognify, is proud of what his team achieved for this latest version of the product. He told Security Matters: “The additions and enhancements in Cayuga R15 are in direct response to the feedback received from our partners and customers. This is the first release where Qognify’s new development philosophyof  looking beyond one specific product has been actively put into practice. I cannot wait for Cayuga customers to start using R15, but it’s equally nice to know that those end users who rely on other Qognify products will profit from the work we’ve accomplished here in their own Qognify system of choice.”

Cayuga R15 is compatible with Qognify’s Umbrella web-based platform that can be used to configure, manage and monitor all connected Cayuga systems centrally. It also integrates with its Business Video Intelligence software, which combines video footage from Cayuga with transaction data from business-related IT systems to create new levels of information designed to optimise business processes.