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Fibresense range certified to BS EN 54

07 July 2020

THIRD PARTY certification for the fibre-optic linear heat sensing (LTS) from Patol has been extended to cover the Fibresense range.

Patol’s LTS is providing reliable and intelligent fire detection and asset monitoring on many prestigious projects throughout the world. Each fibre-optic cable and its associated controller can provide up to 600 zones, with a system which offers maintenance-free, fast, accurate and reliable detection. Fibresense uses Linear Temperature Sensing Technology to simultaneously measure temperature profiles at thousands of points along the sensing cable, providing not only the current position of a fire but also its progression. 

It can be configured into multiple detection zones, with the capacity to set adjustable alarm levels for each zone to meet the specific requirements of a given site. It is employed in a wide range of applications including cable trays and racks, car parks, conveyors, petrochemical sites, warehouses, escalators and travellators and tunnels. As fibre-optic cables are immune to electromagnetic interference, Fibresense is particularly suited to protecting electrically noisy environments such as power generation and transformers. With no electric current used in the sensing fibre, it can also be used in hazardous environments.

Patol sales director Kelvin Miller comments – “Having introduced the Fibresense brand, under which our fibre-optic heat detection systems are now being marketed, Fibresense has been EN54 cross-listed under the certification scheme to ensure that specifiers are aware it meets the same high standards of manufacture for which our cables have become renowned worldwide. It is now featured in the LPCB’s Redbook Live, an invaluable resource for anybody looking to source fire and security products and services.” 

For more information, visit www.patol.co.uk/