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New Home Secretary vows to protect public

01 May 2018

NEWLY APPOINTED Home Secretary Sajid Javid has released his first statement since replacing Amber Rudd.

In his new role Mr Javid will be responsible for both the Police and the fire and rescue service. In his statement, he promised to everything he can to protect the British public and to be fair when tackling the Windrush immigration issue, which led to the resignation of his predecessor. He said: “First to say it is a huge privilege to be asked by the Prime Minister to become the next Home Secretary. My first priority is to make sure the Home Office always does all it can to keep British people safe. It is a huge privilege and something I take very seriously. 

“The most urgent task I have is to help those British citizens who came from the Caribbean, the Windrush generation, and make sure they are all treated with the decency and fairness they deserve. That is what people want to see and my most urgent task. I will help the Home Office every day to deal with its major tasks of tackling crime, including serious crime, fighting terrorism and extremism, and dealing with illegal immigration. In doing that I am really privileged to have a fantastic group of people here, the staff here, who together will work to make our country even stronger.

“We are going to have a strategy in place that actually does something the previous Home Secretary set out last week in her statement to Parliament about making sure we have an immigration policy that is fair and treats people with respect and with decency. That will be one of my most urgent tasks, to make sure that we look carefully at the policy and make sure it achieves just that.

“I think for anyone to see their child grow and become Home Secretary, all parents would be really pleased with that. My parents came to our country in the 1960s from Pakistan to help build this country. I think for them to see one of their sons arise to this great office of State - I am sure they would be very proud. But I have not called my mum yet and I will do that later when you give me a moment.”