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Private sector guarding company leader praises commitment of key security workers

21 April 2020

ABBEY PETKAR, the managing director of Approved Contractor Scheme-registered guarding company Magenta Security, has issued a fulsome statement in praise of myriad security personnel who are showing such dedication and commitment on the front line during the Coronavirus pandemic.

COVID-19 continues to challenge everyday life for us all, of course. For his part, Petkar is particularly proud of the way in which members of the general public are reacting, duly supporting each other and facing adversity as joined-up communities. “One such community is the private security sector,” observed Petkar.

Referencing the recent lobbying activity conducted by several of the industry's key bodies, Petkar went on to state: “It was an incredibly important moment when the British Security Industry Association, the National Security Inspectorate, the Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board and the Security Industry Authority joined forces to lobby the Government in a bid to have security personnel recognised as 'key workers'. These organisations have have really stood up for us as an industry at a time when it truly matters.”

Petkar continued: “Though it has been reported in The Guardian [from police statistics] that there has been a pleasing 28% reduction in most areas of crime during the lockdown – particularly when it comes to domestic burglary, rape and assault – other areas haven't fared so well, especially so break-ins and theft at commercial sites, notably so empty offices and pubs. At this time, the simple presence of security officers on sites around the country is usually enough of a deterrent to keep a property safe, which in turn is vital for the future security of the businesses involved.”

Supporting the police service

Magenta Security was established by Petkar more than 25 years ago. Based in Hounslow and with operations in Swindon, Birmingham, Manchester and Kent, the company boasts a substantial portfolio of blue chip clients dotted across the UK and in Northern Europe covering the retail, healthcare and commercial sectors.

Impressively, Magenta Security’s client retention rate remains one of the highest in the private security industry with upwards of 97% of its clients remaining with the company for at least three years. Bespoke services provided by the business include security guarding, mobile services, electronic security and remote monitoring.

Petkar has been adamant for some time now that trained and licensed private sector security personnel are in prime position to ably support the police service and other front line workers. “Now is the time for us to continue demonstrating our value and skills,” he asserted. “Now is the time for us to give back. Now is also the time to thank and praise all of the security staff who continue to go out to work, duly leaving their family and homes behind to protect the livelihoods of so many others.”

Each Thursday evening for several weeks now, the citizens of UK plc have rightly been hitting their doorsteps to applaud the magnificent efforts of key workers, with a notable focus on the myriad NHS staff who are giving their utmost at what is such a difficult and unprecedented time. 

On that note, Petkar concluded: “The clapping is for all key workers. When I clap, and I ask you to do the same, it's also for my team and the many others across the private security industry who are out there on the front line and wholly committed to helping others while actively ensuring safety for all.”