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Incident involving eight door supervisors

12 December 2018

LAST WEEKEND SIA licensed door supervisors were filmed assaulting two young men outside the Factory Nightclub in Manchester. We share the public’s concern and disgust at the violence shown in the video.

On Monday 3 December, within hours of receiving information about the Manchester incident, the SIA suspended the licences of the door supervisors believed to be associated with the fighting at the Factory Nightclub in Manchester. They cannot legally work in the security industry pending further enquiries.

Thousands of door supervisors are deployed each weekend across UK towns and cities. The vast majority do a good job, often in challenging circumstances.

The violent conduct in the Manchester incident was disgraceful and damaging to the good name and reputation of door supervisors and the security industry.

We continue to work closely with Greater Manchester Police, the security provider, and the venue to investigate the incident.

Our investigators were out on the streets with Greater Manchester Police last weekend following the incident to ensure Manchester clubs were safe from unprofessional and criminal conduct.

Our key aims are to raise standards and protect the public.  Most weekends, our investigators accompany police officers visiting pubs and clubs. They engage with door staff to ensure that they are correctly licensed and operating professionally.

We have produced a short guide for safer physical intervention for door supervisors, which is a reminder as to when you should use physical intervention – always as a last resort - and the responsibilities a door supervisor has when physically intervening. Download this guidance from our website.