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Hikvision organises free webinars focused on temperature screening thermal solutions

29 April 2020

HIKVISION UK and Ireland is offering security installers, integrators and end users the opportunity to view free webinars on the surveillance specialist's all-new temperature screening thermal products and solutions.

Hikvision’s newly-developed thermal cameras can be configured to aid high-level screening by detecting elevated skin surface temperatures. They're suitable for use in relation to rapid preliminary temperature screening in office buildings, factories, railway stations, airports and other public places. Accuracy is up to ±0.3°C when installed and configured correctly for optimum performance with associated equipment.

If an elevated temperature is detected during testing, individual cases can be confirmed using thermometers or other clinical measurement devices.

Gary Harmer, sales director for Hikvision UK and Ireland, informed Security Matters that the temperature screening solutions can rapidly and effectively detect high temperatures in work and public environments.

“Our temperature solutions are ideal for use in preliminary temperature screening applications,” explained Harmer. “They're able to detect temperatures in individuals in one second, creating an alert if the indicated temperature is elevated outside of the set parameters without the need for physical contact. They're capable of detecting multiple people simultaneously. Thanks to their advanced Artificial Intelligence software engines, false alarms caused by heat from other sources are minimised.”

Hikvision’s temperature screening solutions include bullet and turret-based camera set-ups as well as handheld camera systems.

For their part, the free online temperature screening solution webinars cover basic knowledge on thermal cameras, how they can be used in the temperature screening application, which products are suitable for use in these solutions and how they should be configured for optimal use.

*For more information about Hikvision’s temperature screening thermal solutions visit: https://www.hikvision.com/uk/solutions/solutions-by-application/temperature-screening/

**Visit Hikvision's YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7_3QTCyo3O0 for an explanatory video outlining the benefits of the company's temperature screening thermal solutions