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Wisenet 5 MP anti-ligature corner mount camera unveiled by Hanwha Techwin

31 December 2020

THE NEW Wisenet TNV-8010C 5 MP corner mount camera from Hanwha Techwin has been built to make it impossible for a ligature to be tied around it, as well as very difficult for someone to rip the unit off a wall.

Although primarily intended to assist the police service, prison officers and mental health institution staff in preventing inmates and patients from self-harming within secure room environments, the vandal-resistant and water-proof TNV-8010C also offers a robust solution for other demanding applications, such as the monitoring of activity at ATMs and within lifts.

With a wide field of view, the TNV-8010C features ‘Hallway View’ which enables the camera to capture 5 MP images in a 3:4 aspect ratio and 2 MP images in a 9:16 aspect ratio, thus enabling end users to more effectively monitor tall and narrow spaces such as corridors.

As a true day/night camera which is able to capture clear and sharp colour images when the ambient light level is as low as 0.1lux, the TNV-8010C is equipped with Wide Dynamic Range technology that performs at up to 120 dB in order to accurately produce images in scenes that simultaneously contain very bright and very dark areas.    

Key features

*IP66, IP6K9K and IK10+ vandal resistant

*Optional brushed stainless steel cover

*Bi-directional audio support

*Built-in alarm input/output (I/O).

*Suite of built-in Intelligent Video Analytics includes de-focus detection, directional detection, motion detection, enter/exit, virtual line and audio detection as well as tampering detection which will generate an alert if someone attacks the camera

*Support for WiseStream II complementary compression technology, as well as H.265, H.264 and MJPEG compression formats

*Bandwidth efficiency is improved by up to 75% compared to current H.264 technology when WiseStream II is combined with H.265 compression

*Micro SD/SDHC/SDXC slot. Up to 128 GB of video or data can be stored on board the camera should there be disruption to the network. Video of any incidents, which potentially might have been lost, can therefore be retrieved when the network connection has been restored

*Power over Ethernet negates the need to install a power supply and separate cabling for the camera

*Three magnet points lock the camera’s module into its anti-ligature cover, thereby rendering the installation process both quick and easy

Thought behind design  

As is the case with our previously introduced 3 MP TNV-7010RC corner mount camera which has built-in IR illumination, considerable thought has gone into the design of the TNV-8010C,” explained Uri Guterman, head of product and marketing for Hanwha Techwin Europe.

“In addition to the design preventing a ligature being tied around it, the TNV-7010RC’s is also considerably smaller than its predecessor. As such, it will fit neatly into the corner of a room or lift and offer a more attractive option to installing a dome camera in the same location.”