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Hanwha Techwin brings Wisenet X PTZ PLUS cameras to UK market

30 October 2020

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE-based object tracking, precise PTZ control, improved pre-set accuracy, adaptive infrared illumination and enhanced cyber security are just a few of the many innovations which have been built into the new HD Wisenet X PTZ PLUS cameras launched by Hanwha Techwin.

Designed for perimeter protection and large open area applications such as airports, car parks, industrial estates, stadiums and city centres, the new 2 MP, 6 MP and 4K Wisenet X PTZ PLUS cameras are able to capture evidence grade images of objects up to a distance of 200 metres regardless of the lighting conditions. They do so with the help of adaptive infrared (IR) technology which adjusts the angle of the camera’s IR LEDs to match the level of zoom.

At the heart of the Wisenet X PTZ PLUS cameras is Wisenet7, Hanwha Techwin’s proprietary chipset which offers an impressive list of technologies that significantly enhance the cameras’ cyber security credentials. The cameras also benefit from a Hanwha Techwin proprietary device certificate issuing system which embeds unique certificates into Wisenet products during both the development phase and the manufacturing process.

Wisenet7 also ensures the capture of “superb quality” images with an ‘extreme’ Wide Dynamic Range feature using local contrast enhancement and scene analysis technologies to capture ultra-clear images from scenes containing a challenging mix of bright and dark areas.

An Artificial Intelligence auto-tracking feature allows Control Room operators to efficiently monitor the movement of objects while remaining hands-free to control other cameras. With the click of a mouse, operators can programme a camera to lock on to and auto-track a specific object. This is enabled by deep learning video analytics which detect and classify people and vehicles. The video analytics are supported by Artificial Intelligence algorithms specific to Hanwha Techwin.

Pre-set accuracy

During their life cycle, most PTZ cameras are likely to be expected to ‘pan and tilt’ many thousands of times. On that basis, it’s not unknown for positioning errors to occur. Wisenet PTZ PLUS cameras, which have a pre-set accuracy of ±0.1 degrees, are able to detect if they’re not precisely aimed at the specified field of view and will move within one second to the correct position.

Other key features of the new cameras include:

*built-in wipers that remove rain, sleet or snow and then activate a heater on the lens to dry any residual water

*an extended tilt range of up to 110 degrees ensures that objects positioned above the cameras can be seen

*improvements in manual control PTZ functionality make it much easier for operators to manually zoom and view close-up detail of target objects as well as track their movement

*a focus save function (which can be applied to 32 pre-defined areas) ensures that, regardless of the lighting conditions, a camera is able to rapidly come into focus when it’s moved to a new position

Installer friendly

Compact and approximately 65% lighter than most PTZ dome cameras, the camera mount-installed Wisenet X PTZ PLUS cameras can be quickly and easily deployed, requiring engineers during a first fix simply to ‘match three points and twist’. This conveniently enables installers to tighten screws without having to hold on to the camera.

Unlike conventional PTZ cameras which require up to five separate cables, the Wisenet X PTZ PLUS only needs a single RJ45 cable to operate and this is installed with a flexible bush to ensure the camera is waterproofed.

The new Wisenet PTZ PLUS camera models are as follows:

*Wisenet XNP-9300RW: 4K 30x optical zoom PTZ camera

*Wisenet XNP-8300RW: 6 MP 30x optical zoom PTZ camera

*Wisenet XNP-6400RW: 2 MP 40x optical zoom PTZ camera

“Setting a new standard is a phrase which is often used when products are launched, but I believe it can genuinely be applied to these new cameras,” enthused Uri Guterman, head of product and marketing for Hanwha Techwin Europe. “Our highly talented design, development and manufacturing teams have certainly put their expertise to very good use and, in doing so, they’ve raised the bar in terms of providing end users with the ability to closely monitor and track any suspicious activity or incident.”