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Wisenet XNF 12 MP fisheye cameras from Hanwha Techwin equipped with “industry-leading” cyber security

21 January 2021

THE WISENET XNF-9010RV and XNF-9010RVM 12 MP fisheye cameras are the latest additions to the range of Wisenet X cameras equipped with Hanwha Techwin’s proprietary Wisenet7 chipset.

The Wisenet7 chipset, which boasts an impressive list of technologies that significantly improve the cyber security credentials of Wisenet cameras, is UL Cyber Security Assurance Program certificated. This enables Hanwha Techwin to provide system users with peace of mind in that they know their confidential data will be kept safe from hackers.

In addition to “setting a new standard” for IP network video surveillance solutions in respect of cyber security, the feature-rich Wisenet7 also ensures the two new fisheye cameras, which have built-in IR illumination, are able to capture “superb quality” images regardless of the lighting conditions.

A new ‘extreme’ Wide Dynamic Range feature makes use of new local contrast enhancement and scene analysis technologies to capture ultra-clear images from scenes containing a challenging mix of bright and dark areas.

The two cameras share a long list of other real-life practical features, with the mobile XNF-9010RVM having the addition of an M12 connector. Built to withstand vibrations, the EN 50155-certificated XNF-9010RVM is designed to offer a robust solution for monitoring activity on buses, trains and other forms of transport.

Core features

Both cameras have on-board de-warping and offer a variety of alternative viewing modes, including single panorama, double panorama and quad views.

A digital PTZ allows users to electronically pan, tilt and zoom in on specific areas for a more detailed view, while at the same time continuing to monitor the whole 360⁰ view. Privacy masking is offered, so too a 12 V DC and PoE capability. In the event of network disruption, video is automatically recorded to on-board SDXC storage to ensure that potential video evidence isn’t in danger of being lost.

In addition to providing a powerful tool to deter and detect criminal activity, the two cameras are equipped with specialist business intelligence applications which enable users to achieve so much more from their video surveillance systems. Collectively, the heatmap, people counting and queue management video analytics are able to assist businesses, and the retail sector in particular, with identifying opportunities to improve productivity, gain a greater understanding of customer behaviour and enhance the customer experience.

WiseStream II technology

The two new cameras support H.265, H.264 and MJPEG compression formats, as well as WiseStream II (a complementary compression technology which dynamically controls encoding, balancing quality and compression according to movement in the image).

Bandwidth efficiency is improved by up to 75% compared to current H.264 technology when WiseStream, which is unique to Wisenet cameras, is combined with H.265 compression.

Other key features include the following:

*1.08mm fixed lens

*Simple Focus feature: One push of a button located at the back of the camera is all that’s needed to automatically focus the camera via the Simple Focus feature, which can also be remotely accessed via the network

*Suite of intelligent video analytics, which includes de-focus detection, directional detection, motion detection, appear/disappear, enter/exit, loitering, tampering, virtual line and audio detection

*Sound classification: An audio analytics feature which recognises critical sounds such as raised voices, screams, broken glass, gunshots and explosions and generates an alert to enable security personnel to quickly react to any incidents

*Vandal-resistant, hard-coated dome cover

Compact option for end users

“A single fisheye camera will quite often offer the most efficient and cost-effective way of monitoring a large area, and particularly so when a number of standard cameras might normally be required to avoid any blind spots,” said Uri Guterman, head of product and marketing for Hanwha Techwin Europe. “They also offer a compact option for those environments where aesthetics or space limitations might be an issue.”

Guterman concluded: “While there’s no shortage of fisheye cameras on the market, the cyber security credentials and image enhancing features of the XNF-9010RV and XNF-9010RVM mean that they stand out from the crowd.”