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Integrated Design Limited’s Fastlane adds value through seamless integration

03 August 2020

INCREASINGLY, ENTRANCE control solutions are required to add value for end users by integrating seamlessly with other security and building management systems. Terms such as integration, interoperability and compatibility are driving product development, systems integration and the relationships between manufacturers, integrators and end users.

Entrance control solutions are no longer separate from other security and non-security systems and, crucially, have the capability to integrate with video, time-and-attendance and identity management systems in addition to other data sources.

A benefit of this interconnectivity is that those same entrance control solutions can provide and share information that enables stronger and more effective access control, including the evaluation and performance monitoring of security procedures.

The Fastlane suite of products produced by Middlesex-based Integrated Design Limited benefit from their inherent capability to be integrated with all known security and building management systems, including the aforementioned time-and-attendance systems as well as staff volume monitoring, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, lift destination systems and lighting and other population-dependent services. Crucially, they also enhance fire control, intruder and CCTV systems.

The Fastlane range of pedestrian entrance control products, which incorporates optical turnstiles, speedgates, barrier arm turnstiles, entrance gates and tailgate detection devices, has been specifically designed to balance the needs of aesthetics, security, ease of use and flow rates.

For their part, Fastlane Speedgates are state-of-the-art glass security barriers using the latest multi-beam infrared technology to deter tailgaters and detect any unauthorised access events. Designed for high pedestrian throughput, they have the built-in capability to process up to 60 people per minute.

Entrance control solution

The Fastlane Plus Barrier Arm provides an entrance control solution for environments such as reception areas or lift lobbies where space is limited, but an effective access control is still required. Designed with the latest infrared technology to optimise and monitor the throughput of individuals entering and exiting a building, the barrier arm provides a physical deterrent which is both visually off-putting to potential intruders as well as actually functioning to prevent any unauthorised entry. 

The enclosures have been created to offer a solution which meets the aesthetic and functional needs of architects and specifiers by minimising footprint, while at the same time maintaining visual appeal.

Integrated Design Limited also manufactures Fastlane Optical, a state-of-the-art ‘optical turnstile’ which replaces the need for a physical barrier by using active infrared beams to create an invisible electronic field between two pedestals, in turn monitoring the passage of every individual entering and leaving a given facility.

Optical products maintain a similar level of security as a half-height turnstile and are designed to alert security personnel to any unauthorised entry attempts by triggering an audible alarm and controlling other security measures such as CCTV systems, lighting and doors. They activate an alarm in the event of an illegal action. If an unauthorised individual attempts to enter, the optical turnstile is designed to detect tailgating, collusion, non-entry and obstruction.

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