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FIA signposts record-breaking month for industry training initiatives

04 June 2024

THE FIRE Industry Association (FIA) has just completed its most successful month of training to date, marking a significant milestone in the Trade Association’s ongoing commitment to excellence in fire safety education.

The past month has witnessed an “unprecedented level of participation” in the FIA’s training programmes. A diverse range of professionals from across the industry have benefited from the enhanced curriculum and resources available.

At the FIA, it’s about more than teaching. The organisation seeks to transform careers and set standards in the fire safety industry. Since 1916, the Trade Association has been the architect of fire safety training ‘designed by professionals for professionals’.

Further, the FIA’s training goes beyond compliance. It empowers individuals to advance their competence. From the Fundamentals courses through to Advanced courses that meet the BAFE SP203-1 Scheme, FIA training is known for its levels of excellence and expertise.

Having been instrumental in developing the first industry-specific qualifications now being administrated by FireQual, the FIA’s comprehensive courses are designed to elevate professional standards, ensuring that learners not only meet, but surpass industry benchmarks.

Pioneering education

The newly established FIA Northwich practical training facility represents a pivotal development in the field of fire safety education. This innovative initiative is designed to seamlessly blend classroom environments with essential hands-on experience, addressing the evolving needs of the fire safety industry.

“We’re thrilled to witness such a positive response to our new and existing training initiatives,” enthused Ian Moore, CEO of the FIA. “The FIA’s Northwich facility is testament to our dedication to providing comprehensive and high-quality training that meets the growing demands of the industry. This facility will ensure that our trainees are well-prepared to handle real-world fire safety challenges.”

Growing demands

As the fire safety industry continues to evolve, the demand for highly trained professionals is going to be greater than ever. The FIA’s commitment to continuous improvement and innovation ensures that its training programmes will remain both relevant and effective.

The Northwich facility is a crucial component of this strategy, providing a dynamic learning environment that keeps pace with industry advancements.

*Further information is available online at www.fia.uk.com/training