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FirePro welcomed into membership of Euralarm

17 August 2021

THE BOARD of Euralarm has welcomed FirePro as a new member of the organisation. The company will now join the Extinguishing Section of Euralarm whose activities cover automatic extinguishing systems using gas, water, foam, powder and aerosols, oxygen reduction systems, portable equipment and other manual means of firefighting as well as fire-fighting agents used in either fixed automatic systems or portable equipment.

FirePro will now benefit from Euralarm’s services in terms of representation towards European institutions and standardisation organisations. This includes the monitoring of legislative and standardisation issues relevant to the industry.

In addition, FirePro will have access to the extended network of national associations and major companies in the electronic fire safety and security sectors which, taken together, form Euralarm’s membership. The new membership will create opportunities for both parties as it also strengthens the association itself.

Companies joining Euralarm receive a unique insight into what’s happening across other European markets and the opportunities that this might offer. They not only tap into expertise and understanding around European Union policy, but can also make personal connections with technical and policy-making experts as well as potential business partners.

Being a member of Euralarm enables companies and associations to gain expertise on standardisation. Members including FirePro will have their voice heard in Brussels and can actively support and assist in directing standardisation and legislative processes.

Focus on fire suppression

For over 25 years now, FirePro has designed, manufactured and distributed environmentally friendly fire suppression systems that employ the patented FirePro Compound which is the result of extensive R&D.

FirePro systems are certified to all the relevant European and international standards for land-based as well as marine applications. System supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance services are undertaken by a network of authorised distributors and service providers which extends to more than 90 countries.

*For more information about FirePro visit www.firepro.com

Founded in 1970, Euralarm now represents over 5,000 companies within the fire safety and security industries valued at 67 billion Euros. Those members are national associations and individual companies from across Europe.

*Further information is available online at www.euralarm.org