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Dräger launches 3D digital hazard mapping technology for gas and fire safety

16 July 2021

PART OF The Dräger Group, Dräger Safety UK has just launched 3D digital hazard mapping technology to aid gas and fire safety. Designed to help companies improve gas safety and comply with BS 60080:2020, the new service is expected to be particularly popular in the pharmaceutical, manufacturing, automotive, food and beverage, printing, industrial warehousing and waste recycling sectors.

BS 60080:2020 is the first British Standard of its type and was introduced in September 2020 to provide guidance on the placement of permanently installed flame and gas detection devices using software tools.

Using site maps, fire and gas plot plans and process diagrams, the new service enables a 3D map of the site to be created on to which simulation modelling is then applied. The latter takes into account a wide range of factors such as air flow and the potential for gases to gather and pool across the site.

The end result is a clearly defined plan identifying where gas and flame detectors need to be placed and how many of them are needed, thereby eliminating the requirement for superfluous devices and reducing the risk of false alarms.

David Head, marketing manager for Dräger’s fixed gas detection division, informed Fire Safety Matters: “This technology is a significant step forward in gas safety and follows many years’ development as well as successful trials in the oil and gas sector. It serves as a digital risk assessment by using a robust scientific process to aid gas safety compliance and ensure the most effective coverage of gas monitoring and detection devices at any given site.”

Dräger, which provides gas safety solutions to the likes of BP, INEOS and Thames Water, will offer the new service throughout the UK and to all industries following extensive product development and testing. 

Head concluded: “The system affords businesses peace of mind, both from the perspective of ensuring day-to-day gas and fire safety and also that there’s a robust audit trail showing due diligence.”

*Further information is available online at www.draeger.com