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Detectortesters runs webinar series designed to showcase Testifire

11 July 2022

FOLLOWING RECORD numbers of engineers switching to Testifire and the launch of the company’s Switch campaign at trade shows across Europe, Detectortesters has announced details of a webinar series that will showcase the rapid payback Testifire offers to those practitioners making the switch from traditional Solo test equipment.

The new one-hour webinar – which runs for the first time on Wednesday 20 July and will also run in August and September – explores how the Testifire solutions delivers up to 40% faster testing and how, through the use of smoke capsules, it can enable significant cost savings when compared to Solo smoke aerosols.

In a recent survey conducted by Detectortesters, 74% of respondents stated that the appeal of an all-in-one testing tool and the productivity gains it delivered were the foremost reason for them choosing to use Testifire.

As well as looking at the features which enable the aforementioned benefits, the content of the webinars will also include Case Studies looking at typical savings service and maintenance companies can expect, in addition to an outline of the benefits several companies who’ve made the switch are already seeing.

At the end of each webinar session – chaired by Anthony Partou and Stephen Beadle from Detectortesters’ product management and marketing teams – there will be plenty of time for questions and the chance to arrange individual follow-up appointments.

If you’ve been considering a switch to Testifire, or are simply interested in finding out more about faster testing and cost savings, this is a great opportunity to learn more and gain answers to key questions.

*Further information is available online at www.detectortesters.com/blog/