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David Horncastle appointed interim chair at Security Industry Authority

27 January 2021

DAVID HORNCASTLE has been appointed by the Home Office as interim chair of the Security Industry Authority (SIA), the organisation tasked with regulating the private security industry here in the UK.

Horncastle – who joined the Board of the SIA back in March 2015 as a non-executive director – takes over from Elizabeth France, whose fixed-term appointment came to an end on Thursday 14 January.

He will serve in the role while the Home Office concludes the open competition which is currently underway to appoint a substantive chair. It is expected that a substantive chair will be announced by the Home Office in the Spring.

Horncastle enjoyed a 30-year executive career with BT. From 2009 to 2015, he was director of security professional services within BT Security and directly responsible for both the protection of BT and the delivery of security services and solutions to customers.

Horncastle is also a non-executive director of the National Crime Agency.

Speaking about his appointment, Horncastle said: “I am delighted to serve the SIA during this transition period to a new chair being appointed. I have been a Board member since March 2015, and I firmly believe the SIA is a good organisation doing an increasingly effective job in a hugely important industry.”

He added: “With the strong executive team we have in place, the SIA continues to be in good hands during this time.”

The Security Industry Authority reports to the Home Secretary under the terms of the Private Security Industry Act 2001. For further information about the Security Industry Authority visit www.gov.uk/sia.

The SIA also has a presence on Facebook (Security Industry Authority) and Twitter (@SIAuk).