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Chartered Governance Institute publishes guide to corporate reporting

19 June 2020

THE CHARTERED Governance Institute has published ‘Trust Me, I’m Listed: Why the Annual Report Matters and How to do it Well’ – an essential guide for anyone involved in corporate reporting. The document outlines the tips, tricks and secrets of producing what is often the first port of call for investors and, increasingly, other stakeholders.

Authored by Claire Bodanis, who brought together a team of specialists to underpin this publication, ‘Trust Me, I’m Listed’ reveals the hows, whys and wherefores of corporate reporting, from the art of telling a great (and true) story while keeping regulators (and box-tickers) happy through to how to work well with a creative agency, and how to manage senior stakeholders in meeting deadlines.

The document also includes a special addendum with tips on how to finalise an annual report done while working remotely, which is of particular importance at the moment given the move to home working during COVID-19.

Writing a foreword for the publication, Sir Donald Brydon CBE states: “Claire Bodanis has brought together a number of lenses through which to view annual reports. In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, it will matter even more that companies tell their story openly and honestly. Their language choices are now susceptible to analysis by Artificial Intelligence. There will be renewed interest in the nuances in descriptions of risks and the policies formulated to mitigate or accept them. Clarity and consistency will be valued in times of considerable anxiety. It is undoubtedly a time for outstanding communication. ‘Trust Me, I’m Listed’ will help all those about to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboards.”

A series of monthly webinars realised to broaden the understanding of why the annual report is so important to business and society, and to offer insights on how to do it well, are being held in the run-up to the 2021 reporting season. The first of these, a virtual launch event with the author and Sir Donald Brydon, will take place on Thursday 2 July. Places can be booked online here.