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Bureau Veritas enhances ‘Restart Your Business’ service with new digital capabilities

08 July 2020

AS BUSINESSES continue to grapple with the challenges of safely resuming operations post-lockdown, Bureau Veritas has upgraded its ‘Restart Your Business’ service with a new digital platform and app designed to make it easier for firms to become ‘COVID-secure’.

Launched in April, the ‘Restart Your Business with Bureau Veritas’ service provides a voluntary and independent assessment of a firm’s ‘COVID-secure’ readiness to re-open business premises. Companies that meet Bureau Veritas’ robust health, safety and hygiene standards are issued with a statement of assurance which can be displayed on a firm’s website and at its properties.

In a further move to help businesses to be back up-and-running following months of lockdown restrictions, Bureau Veritas has upgraded this scheme with innovative digital capabilities including a new digital platform and app.

The digital platform offers two distinct advantages in managing Coronavirus compliance: traceability and transparency. A user-friendly dashboard is provided whereby businesses can track the progress of every ‘COVID-secure’ measure implemented globally and at specific sites or regional locations.

Meanwhile, the I-check app from Bureau Veritas, which is already in operation successfully across Europe, is now available to UK businesses. The free app enables end users to complete an industry-specific questionnaire and receive a ‘readiness score’, along with feedback and recommendations on how to proceed with the necessary safety and hygiene requirements.

Challenging time for businesses

Ken Smith, CEO at Bureau Veritas UK, said: “Safely restarting or maintaining operations amid the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic presents ever-increasing challenges for businesses. Following the initial success of our ‘Restart Your Business with Bureau Veritas’ service, we’ve introduced new digital capabilities including a new platform and the I-check app. These are designed to streamline the whole process. What’s more, given the current climate where time is now of the essence, the platform’s traceability and transparency features make it much easier for firms to become ‘COVID-secure’ and return to business as soon as possible.”

Another key benefit of the ‘Restart Your Business’ digital platform, asserts Bureau Veritas, is that its open data capabilities mean all the information on the interface can be shared by firms on their own websites and applications, as well as accessed by third parties.

Smith added: “We’ve really listened to British companies and ensured that vital information on compliance can be easily compiled, stored and securely shared between different platforms. This is an essential part of the Coronavirus risk management process that’s likely to determine a firm’s commercial success in the coming years. We would urge all of our new and existing clients to make use of these upgrades.”

‘Restart Your Business with Bureau Veritas’ covers Best Practice measures required by firms to meet local and international standards on managing Coronavirus risks in the workplace. These include hygiene, disinfection and cleaning assessment, social distancing Best Practice, personal protection equipment requirements and employee-specific risk assessment.

*To download I-check from Bureau Veritas simply search for ‘I-check Bureau Veritas’ in the app store on an Apple or Android device

**Further detail on ‘Restart Your Business’ is available online at https://share.hsforms.com/1tTRe4h7IQZOBHtRBmdDDfg2z02a