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BSIA webinar to discuss future of security officer services post-COVID-19

03 July 2020

THE BRITISH Security Industry Association (BSIA) is to host a webinar involving several industry experts on how security officer services will necessarily have to adapt as we leave lockdown. Navigating the effects of COVID-19 on the industry and, indeed, the infrastructure of the nation as a whole will be an integral part of the discussion.

Running at 2.00 pm on Wednesday 15 July under the heading ‘Security Personnel – Return to Normality?’, the webinar will feature comment and input from Ian Todd (CEO at the Security Industry Authority), Tony Cockcroft (chairman of the Security Guarding Section at the BSIA and who served as a guest presenter on the recent Security Matters guarding-focused webinar) and SecuriGroup’s managing director Russel Kerr.

On the day, the expert panel will be assessing how the industry is attracting people into the security world at present and also evaluating the requirements of public protection post COVID-19. Another key area for discussion focuses on what can be done to raise the perception of the role of the security officer.

The webinar is going to be chaired by the BSIA’s membership development manager Tom Ford.

Mike Reddington, CEO at the BSIA, commented: “As we exit lockdown and have to navigate public spaces again, security officers will have a crucial role to play in supporting public confidence. We’re working closely with the police service and all other public bodies to find the best way in which to achieve this aim. The webinar will be a great opportunity to hear from the industry on what these challenges will be and how we can address them.”

*To register for the event visit https://bit.ly/2NJfZlz

**To send in a question for the speakers in advance of the event fill in the online form: https://bit.ly/2NuzlKL

***The webinar is being sponsored by Innovise