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Business Sprinkler Alliance supports sustainability agenda at CABE 2022

26 September 2022

THE BUSINESS Sprinkler Alliance has announced its attendance at the Chartered Association of Building Engineers (CABE) Annual Conference and Exhibition 2022, where the organisation will be supporting the sustainability agenda.

Attracting expert panels interacting with a wide range of construction professionals, this year’s CABE Annual Conference and Exhibition is being held on 13-14 October at the Celtic Manor Resort in Newport. It’s scheduled to focus on the theme of ‘Embedding Sustainability’ and how building projects – both new and renovations – will need to embed sustainable practices in order to reduce their impact on the environment both now and in the future.

For its part, the Business Sprinkler Alliance will be raising awareness around the benefits of sprinkler systems to provide property protection and life safety, and how active fire protection can play a role in sustainability.

“We are once again delighted to lend our support and look forward to participating in this year’s event,” explained Iain Cox, chair of the Business Sprinkler Alliance. “This year’s theme of sustainability is particularly relevant in a fire safety context when we consider the environmental, social and economic impacts of fire. As an industry, we haven’t always been good at thinking about the links between them. We must adopt an holistic approach that addresses fire resilience and sustainability. Minimising the impacts of fire through the use of techniques such as automatic sprinklers can enhance long-term sustainability and value.”

Greater business resilience

As an organisation, the Business Sprinkler Alliance advocates greater business resilience by enhancing protection against fire through the increased acceptance and use of fire sprinklers in commercial and industrial premises alike.

Alongside the trade exhibition, the conference programme at CABE 2022 will explore the current environmental challenges that the industry is facing, bringing speakers including climatologists, Government advisors and industry experts together to explore Best Practice and delve into legislative changes.

*To find out more or to register for the CABE Annual Conference and Exhibition 2022 visit https://cbuilde.com/page/cabeconf2022

Cost of fire

The Business Sprinkler Alliance was established in 2010 as an alliance of fire safety professionals working to protect UK plc against fire. It aims to highlight the true cost of fire and increase the number of business premises that have automatic fire sprinklers fitted.

The Business Sprinkler Alliance is driving a culture change such that sprinklers are understood and accepted as the ‘norm’ for UK business buildings.

Founding members of the organisation are the National Fire Chiefs Council, the European and National Fire Sprinkler Networks, the British Automatic Fire Sprinkler Association, commercial insurer FM Global and the Fire Protection Association.

*Further information on the Business Sprinkler Alliance visit www.business-sprinkler-alliance.org