BS 5839-9:2021 published by British Standards Institution

13 September 2021

THE BRITISH Standards Institution (BSI) has just published BS 5839-9:2021, which provides recommendations on the design, installation and maintenance of emergency voice communication systems. It also includes recommendations for end users and premises managers tasked with day-to-day responsibility for such systems.

The British Standard relates to the use of emergency voice communication systems when communicating with individuals in refuges and also with fire wardens, fire marshals, firefighters and stewards in and around buildings at sporting events during an emergency situation.

BS 5839-9:2021 is for designers, installers, commissioners, maintainers, end users, premises managers and building control officers.

Importantly, the British Standard covers systems with components linked by wires, wirelessly or, indeed, a combination of the two.

Its use can ensure that high standards of reliability, safety and security are achieved, together with acceptable standards of performance.

The British Standard provides guidance on the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of systems, affording details around system user responsibilities and how to install an effective emergency voice communication system as part of an overall fire safety strategy.

What’s new about BS 5839-9:2021?

This revision updates and replaces BS 5839-9:2011. It incorporates key changes which reflect up-to-date industry Best Practice.

The British Standard is now available for purchase from the Fire Industry Association’s (FIA) e-shop.

Details of the FIA’s all-new training course specifically related to this British Standard will be published in the near future.