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Advanced issues e-book on ‘Fire Safety in High-Rise Buildings’

14 November 2021

FIRE PROTECTION solutions manufacturer Advanced has just published a free e-book that explores the issues underpinning fire safety in high-rise residential buildings and how today’s protection regimes can be improved.

‘Fire Safety in High-Rise Buildings: BS 8629 and Beyond’* is a resource for fire industry professionals who are facing changing regulations, ever-evolving technologies and an array of competing options for protecting high-rise residents from fire.

The e-book examines the impact of the Grenfell Tower tragedy upon the fire industry and the reasons for the introduction of the BS 8629 Code of Practice** covering evacuation alert systems. The document goes on to outline current fire safety options and speculates on developments shaping the future of fire safety in tall residential buildings.

Covering a range of measures, from compartmentation and cladding through to fire protection and sprinkler systems, the e-book also addresses the key area of competency. In a chapter supported by BAFE, the overriding importance of robust fire risk assessments, high-quality equipment and installations carried out by qualified third party-certified contractors is explored.

Creating a safer future

Ken Bullock, business development manager for evacuation alert systems at Advanced, informed Fire Safety Matters: “The Advanced team has extensive knowledge and experience built through decades of developing fire protection solutions for sites of all sizes and uses across the world. As a business, our purpose is to create a safer future, so we were very keen to share knowledge, spark discussion and contribute to the ongoing debate about how we can best work together to improve fire safety in high-rise buildings, both now and in the years to come.”

*Download your copy of the Fire Safety in High-Rise Buildings e-book

**BS 8629:2019 is the new Code of Practice for the Design, Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance of Evacuation Alert Systems for Use by the Fire and Rescue Services in England. In place since November 2019, this Code of Practice recommends the installation of a dedicated evacuation alert system intended for the sole use of the Fire and Rescue Services and also that it’s separate from the building’s fire alarm system

***Although not yet a legal requirement in England, the installation of evacuation alert control and indicating equipment (EACIE) is already mandatory in new buildings containing flats over 18 metres in Scotland. It’s also considered Best Practice by a number of Fire and Rescue Services