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Advanced extends emergency lighting solutions with launch of EasySafe range

05 October 2020

ADVANCED IS extending its popular range of emergency lighting solutions with the launch of the EasySafe addressable, low-voltage emergency luminaires and exit signs.

All EasySafe products are designed to work with LuxIntelligent, Advanced’s emergency light testing system. Powered directly from the LuxIntelligent panel, Advanced’s EasySafe devices require no local power supply and are compatible with any existing LuxIntelligent luminaires and exit signs, thereby enabling the easy installation of devices on existing wiring to form one intelligent emergency lighting system for the host organisation.

The low-voltage lights offer quick and easy fitting and service, with a simple ‘twist and click’ installation on a first-fix base. EasySafe has been designed to offer true scalability, with just one LuxIntelligent panel supporting up to 400 EasySafe devices alongside an additional 1,592 locally-powered devices.

Matt Jones, Advanced’s emergency lighting business manager, explained to Fire Safety Matters: “EasySafe is a valuable new addition to our range of emergency lighting solutions for customers. Quick and simple installation is achieved thanks to the twist and click mechanism, while compatibility with almost any existing emergency lighting system means less fitting time on site. That, of course, brings significant time and resource savings.”

Managing maintenance and compliance is simplicity itself. Test results data is available at the touch of a button via the cloud-connected LuxIntelligent control panel, a PC or mobile app.

Jones added: “After significant product development involving input from installers, service and maintenance engineers, as well as specifiers and facilities managers, we’re confident our customers will find tangible efficiency and compliance benefits from using EasySafe.”