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Pocket guide from Advanced makes light work of meeting BS 5266-1

02 July 2021

FIRE AND life safety systems manufacturer Advanced has published its BS 5266-1 Pocket Guide to Emergency Lighting. Developed for individuals and organisations responsible for the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of emergency lighting systems, the guide serves as a tool to make compliance with BS 5266-1 quicker and easier.

The BS 5266-1 Pocket Guide to Emergency Lighting helps system designers and installers to understand the importance of emergency lighting, the legislation surrounding it and some of the solutions available to address the challenges they face.

Further, the guide also offers the most up-to-date and reliable information required when it comes to lighting placement and lighting levels as well as addressing the criteria that need to be met around system design and light testing.

Matt Jones, emergency lighting business manager at Advanced, said: “As a minimum, emergency lighting systems should comply with BS 5266-1. Our LuxIntelligent emergency lighting system already ensures all emergency lighting is functioning and compliant with the Code of Practice. As part of our commitment to making things as simple and easy as possible for our customers, we’ve now developed our BS 5266-1 pocket guide.”

On that note, Jones added: “The guide serves as a useful resource to refer to for those with a responsibility for the emergency lighting system. It complements Advanced’s growing suite of emergency lighting training and support materials. These include our on-demand webinar, ‘Bridging the Gap Between Fire and Emergency Lighting Systems’, and the CPD presentation entitled ‘The Best Route to Compliance for Your Emergency Lighting Systems’.”

The BS 5266-1 Pocket Guide to Emergency Lighting is available in hard copy format or can be downloaded online at https://bit.ly/3AnDUxW or from www.luxintelligent.com via PC, tablet or smart phone, which makes it ideal for those managing and maintaining lighting systems on the go.

Advanced is quick to point out that the new guide is intended to aid designers and installers of emergency lighting systems and is not to be used as a substitute for BS 5266-1 which should be read in full.

Advanced offers a complete range of emergency lighting solutions spearheaded by LuxIntelligent, the addressable, automatic emergency lighting system that shows all emergency lights are compliant and functioning, with no engineer involvement required. Each panel can automatically test and monitor nearly 1,000 luminaires and can be easily networked to work with existing wiring and lights, keeping installation costs to a minimum.

The system also offers optional cloud monitoring and system management via mobile and web apps.

*Further information is available online at www.advancedco.com