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Fire Service offers training to spot vulnerable people

12 November 2019

STAFFORDSHIRE FIRE and Rescue Service is inviting organisations to make contact with them to request that their staff attend “Olive Branch” Fire Safety awareness training to help them spot people who may need help with fire safety concerns.

Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service's partnership and intervention manger, Carmel Warren said, "Prevention is a major part of the fire service's work. If we can take steps to protect someone from the risk of fire, then everybody wins. However, we need help to find the people who may be at risk, and that's where our Olive Branch training comes in.

"By training staff we extend the number of opportunities we have to discover people who may need some advice and guidance from us. By signing up for Olive Branch training, people can become the Service's eyes and ears in the community. By identifying someone who may need a Safe and Well visit and referring them to us, they could potentially be saving a life."

People who fit the following criteria may need to be referred for a Safe and Well visit:

• They are over the age of 65

• They smoke in the property

• They have no working smoke alarms

• They would have difficulty responding in an emergency

• They have had a fire previously or there are signs of a fire.