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Robinson steps down as FSF president

11 December 2018

BRIAN ROBINSON has stepped down as president of the Fire Sector Federation (FSF) having held the post since its creation last year.

Robinson had previously been chair of the FSF between 2012-2017 and then after stepping down to allow Paul Fuller to become chair a motion was passed by members to invite him to become the Federation’s inaugural president in 2017. Prior to joining the FSF, Robinson had an illustrious 36-year career in the fire and rescue service and was London Fire Commissioner before retiring in 2003.

FSF executive lead Dennis Davis paid tribute to Robinson, he said: “No doubt many members present recalled with some nostalgia the efforts and endeavours made from the outset, in 2012 when the Federation was formed, by Brian as chairman. He sought to place fire on the national agenda. Throughout all those trials and tribulations including most recently after the Grenfell Tower tragedy, this continued as we tried to harness members’ knowledge and energy to help improve fire safety – we all wish Brian well.”

Following agreement at last September’s meeting the new chairman Michael Harper has expressed his view that building on what was good from the past the opportunity now was to develop the Federation further by improving how we engaged with members, operated and delivered  – more effective clear and focused action. 

Echoing these views Dennis Davis, who with other members of the ‘old’ Executive is now operating within a restructured FSF Board, explains that a transformation process had begun. He said: “The key aims are to build stronger external relationships so that members’ expertise on fire safety and fire response might be more effectively offered in a collaborative and coordinated way to government and other interested groups. 

“In the open discussion at our recent members meeting there was a clear message reminding all present that third party certified and accredited people and products are at the heart of fire safety. The Federation was reminded to not only keep looking at fire safety but at the bigger picture of fire safety and fire response.”