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FIA seeking views on portable fire extinguishers

06 October 2017

THE FIRE Industry Association (FIA) is asking those that work in the portable fire extinguisher services sector to complete a short survey designed to find out exactly how portable fire extinguishers have been used.

Once the survey is closed, the data will be collected and analysed to find out the percentage of fires that were successfully extinguished using a portable extinguisher, as well as many other important facts.

Other factors will also be examined, such as whether the correct extinguisher has been used for the type of fire, whether the person using the extinguisher had training on proper use, and whether the fire and rescue attended the fire. 

 In addition, information about the type of fire extinguisher used and the type of premises where the extinguisher was used will be collected, as well as the location and cause of the fire.

The survey has been previously run in 2002 and 2012 and will ultimately be used by the FIA’s Extinguishing & Services Councils to help formulate new guidance notes and help sheets for those working in the industry. Those that complete the survey will ultimately be assisting in the development of new standards and reviews of current best practice, and will be aiding the FIA’s research in this area of the extinguishing market.

The results of the last survey provided statistics that helped portable fire extinguisher businesses: 88% of fires within the last survey were successfully extinguished using a portable fire extinguisher.

However, the extinguishing council were keen to stress that the survey had been greatly simplified and was a simple matter of printing off the form and ticking the correct boxes whilst on site.  

The survey is open until 31 December and can be downloaded at www.fia.uk.com/asset/AFAE0573-7DFE-4982-B2FCDF47C0991B58/