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11,000 firefighter posts axed since 2010

06 July 2017

NEW FIGURES obtained by the Fire Brigades Union (FBU) show that almost one in five frontline firefighter posts have been axed since 2010.

This equates to more than 11,000 firefighter posts being cut during this period which is a 19% reduction in headcount. The union says this is a post war record for firefighter job cuts

Almost 8,000 of the total jobs lost since 2010 are to whole-time (full-time) firefighter posts, with nearly 3,000 ‘retained’ (on-call) firefighter jobs gone. Over 1,000 firefighter jobs have been lost in Scotland, 300 in Wales and around 100 in Northern Ireland.  This is the seventh year that firefighter jobs have been slashed across the UK.

The FBU has now written to all MPs in the UK to raise awareness about these figures and to demand further investment in the fire and rescue service. FBU general secretary Matt Wrack has warned that continued austerity measures are putting the public at risk, he said: “After a tragedy like Grenfell Tower, the public need to feel safe. It is very clear just how badly we need adequate numbers of professional, trained firefighters to tackle these sorts of, thankfully, rare disasters.   

“Continued cuts to frontline firefighters and emergency fire control operators – these jobs have been cut by 25% for the same period – are a serious threat to public safety. These new figures are very concerning indeed. Our fire and rescue service is being cut to the bone – it needs investment, not more cuts.”