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Videx moves to strengthen MiAccess range of proximity readers

11 September 2020

DOOR ENTRY and access control solutions manufacturer Videx has introduced a new handle for its range of MiAccess proximity readers. The HL1000-MF provides an ideal access control solution for small to medium-sized installations including offices, guest houses, industrial units and schools.

The Mifare proximity handle can be used as a standalone unit or as part of a system including MiAccess readers and other accessories, such as the AL500-MF handle. 

Sian Luxton, key accounts manager at Videx, commented: “The HL1000-MF is an extremely versatile door handle and lock that can provide access to an unlimited number of users, as well as access to one or more doors, and can restrict access whenever this is required therefore. The solution is ideal for different access control solutions.”

Luxton added: “It’s very easy to install and use, too. All you need is the handle, a PC and a USB desk reader for programming alongside the user’s cards or fobs. User cards and fobs are programmed at the PC and then issued to the users without the need to visit the site or development to programme anything further. This saves time and cost. No wiring connections or power supply are required.” 

Fobs are also available in a range of colours. The system is compatible with both the PROA MS and PROH MS MiAccess software, where programming, configuration settings and event logs of the built-in reader can be transferred between the PC and the reader. This is carried out via the micro-USB or with programming cards where the programming information is transferred from the card direct to the reader. User cards can be created via the software with the PROX-USB desktop enrolment reader where access rights may be registered directly to each corresponding card. 

“The battery-powered handle can be used internally or externally and has a robust stainless steel body and handle,” explained Luxton. “It also includes a deadlock with a key override facility to the secure side and thumb turn release for the inside. Two override keys are included.” 

This solution can be used on up to a maximum of 80 doors and boasts an unlimited user capacity. Up to 3,500 events can be logged. There are four variants of the handle which can be used for inward or outward-opening doors and doors which open to the right or the left. 

The handle is powered by 4x standard AA batteries giving on average 60,000 opening cycles. 

*For more information visit www.videxuk.com