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New apps and features for Videx’s WS4 web server access control system

16 October 2020

ACCESS CONTROL solutions manufacturer and supplier Videx has launched two new apps for its WS4 web server access control system, in addition to introducing new firmware with additional features.

The WS4 can manage up to 20 entrances locally or remotely from anywhere via a mobile phone, tablet or PC using a web browser to connect to the system and is very easy to install. It can also hold the details of 2,500 proximity and coded access users, each with up to two proximity fobs, and store up to 50,000 events which may be viewed either online or via the app.

Two new apps are now available, in turn making the system even more convenient to manage. The admin app allows system managers to simply add, edit or remove users on the go and gives them a real-time event log and status updates on system health by indicating power issues and/or alarm events. The administrator is also able to open any of the entrances via the app.

The user app provides a great alternative (or addition to) the user carrying a proximity fob or having to recall an access code. Users of the app are set up via the web portal and can be given access through selected entrances on any of the developments or buildings the WS4 manages. They can also be restricted to certain days and times and have the ability to set an expiry date (a useful feature for short term users such as visitors or temporary staff).

James Gray, projects manager at Videx, said: “The WS4 is one of the most secure and convenient access control systems on the market. It’s easy to install and the entire system can be accessed and managed from anywhere in the world via a web portal. All the end user needs is an Internet connection.”

Gray continued: “The new apps create even more benefits for those managing the system, with the admin app giving greater control to the system’s administrator to ensure the system is running smoothly, while also providing an easier way for it to be modified as and when it needs to be. All of this may be administered on a remote basis.”

Further, Gray commented: “The user app enables specific user profiles to be created, meaning that administrators can drill down into the specifics of authorised entry, whether that’s via selected entrances or only allowing some users access to certain buildings or sections of a building or property on certain days and times.”

The WS4’s web portal provides highly intuitive access management capabilities that enable multiple developments and buildings to be managed from one convenient web page. One, two and four-door control cabinets are also available with options for connecting to the network via an Ethernet connection or the optional 4G router for those applications where an Ethernet connection is not readily available.

All controllers can be combined to serve up to 20 doors if required (using a maximum of ten cabinets).

Additional features of the WS4 include security alarm integration (where a user can set or unset the alarm system from an access control reader), a lift interface option using an additional relay card, coloured proximity fobs for easy management of users and e-mail alerts for both managers and engineers.