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Touch-free entry solutions protect patients, visitors and NHS workers at Milton Keynes University Hospital

21 January 2021

AS THE UK as a whole - and its National Health Service (NHS) in particular - continues to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, one hospital has taken on board ‘new era’ physical security measures designed to help contain the spread of the Coronavirus and manage infection control.

A Videx VX2200 system, one of the access control manufacturer’s flagship door entry systems with 5178 hands-free audio units and touch-free entry points, has just been installed at Milton Keynes University Hospital. By opting for a touch-free entry solution, the management team has been able to reduce physical contact between people to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Four independent units have been installed by ST Fire and Security in different buildings. One is located in The Campbell Centre, a 38-bed acute inpatient mental health unit. Another system is fitted at the dental surgery, one at the entrance to the urgent care facility and a final one at Eaglestone Health Centre. The latter is a specialist Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service facility.

Simon Turpin, owner of ST Fire and Security, told Security Matters: “The Videx VX2200 system with its hands-free audio apartment station and touch-free entry points delivers huge benefits by safeguarding patient, visitor and NHS staff safety as well as providing easy and convenient access. The new system reduces waiting times. When a visitor uses it, someone in the building is immediately notified and will come to see them to complete entry.”

Turpin added: “The Videx kit is the only one on the market that can offer convenient access in a touch-free way. It’s really useful in helping to ensure people stick to the designated one-way system that’s now in place.”

Safeguarding role

As well as providing touch-free access, the Videx system has replaced an existing one that had failed, in turn affecting secure and convenient access to and from The Campbell Centre. The Videx solution means that no patient or member of staff is waiting for access to the secure mental health unit, thereby safeguarding patients and employees alike.

Ben Davies, sales manager at Videx UK, explained: “Our touch-free access control range has proven to be hugely popular in recent months as minimal contact remains key to reducing the spread of the Coronavirus. The range offers exit buttons and entrance panels in a touch-free format using infrared sensor technology, providing a no-touch solution for businesses as they focus on creating a COVID-secure environment for their employees, partners and customers.”

Davies added: “Proximity access control can be added, allowing authorised personnel to enter buildings on a touch-free basis. This is particularly useful for hospitals and other NHS buildings such as GP surgeries and urgent care facilities. We can also provide fully-customised options, offering bespoke entry panels and exit buttons in keeping with the surroundings of a given building whether that’s specific hospital wards, GP surgeries or dentist practices.”