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RIBA-approved CPD training on crime prevention now available for architects

20 July 2020

ARCHITECTS AND town planners can now request a RIBA-approved professional development session on crime prevention and designing out crime from Secured by Design, the UK police service’s flagship crime prevention initiative.

Secured by Design, which operates across a wide range of building sectors including education, health, transport, commercial, retail, sport and leisure, promotes security standards for a wide range of applications and products. These principles have been proven to reduce crime risk by up to 87%, by combining standards of physical security and principles of crime prevention through environmental design.

This particular Continuing Professional Development (CPD) explores the Secured by Design scheme. Topics covered include how the scheme is implemented and successes in previous development projects, terminology and how to find certified products that have achieved police preferred specification.

By the end of the CPD delegates will have a greater understanding of:

*Relevant legislation, policy and guidance

*An overview of property crime trends

*An evaluation of why crime occurs

*An introduction to Secured by Design as a proven police scheme which reduces crime and creates safer communities

*Secured by Design as more current than ADQ and other documents referencing security and safer communities

*How an open, welcoming and safe environment can be achieved by incorporating crime prevention design into the layout and landscaping of the immediate surroundings in subtle ways that will be barely noticeable to building occupants

*How developments that meet the Secured by Design award are more sustainable

*How Secured by Design keeps parallel with current crime trends and methods

Due to COVID-19, the presentation is being offered as a webinar via Microsoft Teams.

To request a CPD presentation send an e-mail to: info@crimepreventionacademy.com