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New government counter-fraud profession

30 July 2018

THE MINISTER for the constitution, Chloe Smith MP, has announced a new central government profession to be launched on 9th October for specialists working to fight fraud and economic crime.

The Government Counter Fraud Profession (GCFP) will create a new community of counter fraud specialists across government, with benefits for both individuals and organisations.

The GCFP will enhance the structure of the government’s counter fraud capability and put the UK Government in a better position to find and fight fraud and economic crime. The launch of the profession represents the culmination of two years work, with over 100 organisations having been involved in its development. It will provide counter fraud specialists across government organisations with a common framework of Professional Standards and Competencies. It will also introduce a Professional Skills Platform (PSP), a web-based tool through which members can register their knowledge, skills, and experience, and self-assess against a range of counter fraud roles.

By having common standards, organisations will be able to identify what skills they do, and do not, have and get those skills to the right areas. They will also be provided with the ability to improve access to counter fraud capability and help deliver better quality products, whether fraud investigations, risk assessments or data analytics. Working with a common framework of standards, organisations will also be able to share learning programmes and develop new initiatives together.

The Profession will move beyond a focus on investigation and will look more at preventing and understanding fraud. This is because the GCFP recognises that to build a world-class counter fraud capability in the public sector, the UK needs a professional structure that recognises the complexity of counter fraud activity.

Minister for the constitution, Chloe Smith, said, "I am pleased to be announcing that the government will launch the new Counter Fraud Profession on the 9th October. The launch of the GCFP will make the UK a global leader in the professionalisation of counter fraud and will give our specialist staff an excellent and well-deserved opportunity for career progression within the discipline.

"This government remains committed to tackling fraud in any capacity, including against the public purse, and this new profession is one way we are enhancing our ability to do so."

In recognition of our global lead in this field, our international partners have already asked us to lead an international working group in this area. The GCFP will continue to be flexible, evolving in line with the needs of its members, and the changing threat posed by fraud and economic crime.