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Euralarm’s Fire Section forms Video Fire Detection Task Force

26 February 2024

EURALARM’S DEDICATED Fire Section has formed a new Task Force that will focus its attentions on the burgeoning subject of video fire detection. This news follows on from Euralarm identifying the truism that video is indeed now an expanding technology for professionals operating in the fire sector.

The scope of the new Task Force is, for the most part, to investigate products/systems and installations involving video fire detection in general, including thermal video fire detection.

The Video Fire Detection Task Force will work on identifying and mapping the current standardisation situation on an international, European and national level, including other standardisation and guidance that’s worked on either by or via specific test houses, etc.

In parallel with this, the Task Force will identify the activities that are carried out in Europe in relation to the development of standards, duly determining if existing standards need improvement and/or additional standards require to be developed for European uses. Through time, this will lead to a Euralarm Action Plan complete with suggestions as to whether or not the technology should be brought into European standards.

At present, Euralarm is seeking a chair for the Task Force. The selected individual will be supported by the technical manager of the Fire Section.

Euralarm, of course, represents the electronic fire and security industries, duly providing leadership and expertise for these respective sectors, their markets, policy-makers and standards bodies.

The organisation’s constituent members render society safer and secure through the provision of systems and services for fire detection and extinguishing, intrusion detection, access control, video monitoring and alarm transmission.

Founded in 1970, Euralarm currently represents over 5,000 companies within the fire safety and security industries valued at circa 67 billion Euros. Members are national associations and individual companies from across Europe.

*Additional information is available online at www.euralarm.org