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NFCC’s Digital and Data Programme lead heralds “game-changing” project for UK Fire and Rescue Service

08 February 2022

THE NATIONAL Fire Chiefs Council’s (NFCC) Digital and Data Programme is commencing the final stage of delivering a national data analytics capability that will make efficient and effective use of data to support the current and emerging needs of the UK’s Fire and Rescue Service, as well as ongoing decision-making and policy development.

Once fully implemented, the resource will be a central function of the NFCC comprising of skilled people, standardised processes and technology providing national data analytics and data governance to the NFCC and the UK’s Fire and Rescue Service to solve problems and support decision-making.

Programme executive and Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service CFO Andy Hopkinson said: “I’m really proud to be leading the team on this project with the NFCC’s Data and Digital Programme manager Steve Beakhust. Its successful implementation will be a game-changer for the UK Fire and Rescue Service. Customers of the planned National Data Analytics resource could also include partner agencies, such as the NHS, as well as external change programmes and committees associated with the NFCC’s portfolio.”

Hopkinson added: “We also want to attract the best in digital and data talent to join us on this journey. This is a fantastic opportunity to play a leading role in the development of a project that will be rolled out on national level, changing the way in which data is collected and analysed for the Fire and Rescue sector and beyond.”

The core services provided by the analytics resource will include problem solving (through descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics), data sourcing (from internal and external sources, including data cleansing) and data consulting (such as methodology and subject research).

Highest value data

Initially, there will be limited capacity and service provision for proving the approach with a focus on processing the highest value data questions to support areas of the NFCC change portfolio. This pilot approach will launch in early 2022. Over time, the capability will scale up to the target state, providing the full suite of business services and a capacity to match demand.

Additional functions of the national data analytics capability will include:

*a controlled and governed process to identify, assess and prioritise issues where data could provide insight

*support to local data teams for analysis at a national level

*support for local data teams to supply data that shares insight to national trends and analytics

*the establishment of standards, agreements and processes that enable services and partners to share data in a controlled, secure, legal and ethical manner

*capabilities to source, catalogue, enrich and manage data in support of developing insight to prioritised national issues

*data sourcing, visualisation, analytics and modelling

*a data analysis capability which creates actionable insight in support of prioritised national issues

*establishing arrangements with local Fire and Rescue Services, partner agencies, academia and industry to collaborate and share Best Practice

*driving a culture of standardisation, consistency and efficiency

*Further information is available via e-mail at ddp@nationalfirechiefs.org.uk