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Loxal Security solves network rail access problem

12 September 2019

LOXAL SECURITY has solved a huge headache for Network Rail’s £200m Derby Station Project compound, where major investment has been made in improvements in track and signalling.

The Derby compound is where all the works are organised, and where all staff and engineers arrive to, and exit from. Access to and from project site is gained via the compound.  Temporary site offices, welfare units and storage facilities are all within the compound.

Network rail had had huge issues with key loss, lock change, site surveys, assisted viewings and temporary access; the associated security issues were a constant problem for site managers.

Loxal used its range of secure temporary access control products that streamline access, monitor and audit not only steel security doors, but key safes, gate locks, locking bars and lock conversions.

Using its latest technology, Loxal’s IDACS (Intelligent digital access control system) was ideal for the Derby site, as the products require no mains power but deliver performance and data you may expect to find on a hard-wired access control system.

The system can operate up to 200 unique user access codes, emergency codes, guard codes and site shut down codes, and all products can be fully-integrated into a video verified remote alarm system.

The software that operates the entire product range, has been successfully used on thousands of properties and sites.

Because IDACS is remote, wireless and sophisticated access control management software, it enabled specific users at the Derby compound to gain access and be identified on site. 

Once Loxal had implemented its IDACS products for Network Rail, a completely keyless compound was created, eliminating all the previous issues.

Face Fix Key Lock Box units were installed on two site admin offices, both of which needed to be locked when not occupied, and IDACS codes were then issued to all staff members who required and had access rights to the offices. This meant that staff no longer had to carry keys or access keys as and when required.

All Loxal Security products are designed and manufactured in the UK.