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PAC and GDX devise series of online technical training tutorials

31 May 2020

PAC AND GDX, the providers of access control and door entry solutions, have unveiled the details of a new series of free-to-attend online technical training tutorials. Electronic Security Fundamentals will be hosted by renowned industry expert (and PAC and GDX technical trainer) Joe Cieszynski.

The sessions aim to provide electronic security engineers with guidance and tips on a range of subjects that will enable them to optimise the effectiveness of the technology they configure on a daily basis.

Electronic Security Fundamentals builds on the success of PAC and GDX’s previous series of tutorials, as Joe Cieszynski (pictured) explained to Security Matters. “Back in March, we decided to provide a welcome source of Continuing Professional Development during lockdown by hosting online training sessions. They proved to be an immediate hit, with the number of attendees exceeding all our expectations. By listening to attendee comments and feedback, and analysing frequently asked questions to our tech support team, we have gone on to develop a new series of 30-minute sessions designed to explore other topics.” 

Each session takes place on Thursday afternoon at 2.00 pm BST. Subjects to be covered include earthing in electronic security systems, how IPv4 addresses work, the functions of gateway routers, how routers and network cards use subnet masks to determine network addresses, configuring IP devices and the theoretical aspects of RS485 data bus topology.

The final tutorial on Thursday 23 July looks at the common power supply types used in electronic security systems and how to identify fault conditions that result from defective power supplies.

Not a sales exercise

In order to provide maximum value for event attendees, Electronic Security Fundamentals has been carefully configured not to be a PAC and GDX sales exercise. Instead, the sessions will explain the generic electronic, networking and technology principles that apply to commonly used access control and door entry solutions, irrespective of the solution manufacturer. This knowledge and understanding will be also applicable when working with all types of CCTV, fire detection and intrusion detection technologies.

Through his engaging presentational style, Joe Cieszynski intends to make the tutorials both light-hearted and informative. He concluded: “The subjects I’ll cover in the Electronic Security Fundamentals series have been specifically chosen to assist those installing and integrating products and systems and maximise their potential. Not only will this help them to do their work faster, more accurately and with an understanding of the technology that underpins them, but it also ensures greater customer satisfaction. I would urge all electronic security engineers to join me.” 

*To find out more about PAC and GDX’s Electronic Security Fundamentals online training programme and to register visit http://pacgdx-testing.designamite.info:81/news/events/4361-electronic-security-fundamentals