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Fire service will stop attending false alarms

26 June 2018

IN A bid to reduce attending false alarms, fire crews in Nottinghamshire will call ahead to check if they are dealing with a genuine alarm.

Last year, more than 3,000 call outs were the result of false alarms, including misuse, faulty equipment or incorrect maintenance. With the average call out costing £300, these false alarms have cost the taxpayer £900,000.

An alarm with alert the fire service and they would usually attend the scene, but under these new measures, they will now call the building to check if it is genuine. Some high risk buildings will be exempt from this scheme, including residential properties, care homes and hospitals, so crews will automatically be sent if an alarm occurs there.

With regards to unoccupied buildings, the fire service will ask the fire alarm company to contact the key holder.

Councillor Jason Zadrozny, who sits on the fire authority’s community safety committee, told the Nottingham Post: “There is a real chance that we won’t attend a fire and someone will be harmed. That’s not been included in the risk analysis.”

Councillor Zadrozny, who is the leader of Ashfield District Council and represents the Ashfields ward on Nottinghamshire County Council, voted against the proposals. However, the scheme passed by four votes to one.

Wayne Bowcock, deputy chief fire officer and the service, is in favour of the scheme and said that it brings them in line with national guidelines.