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Emergency lighting compliance at Leeds General Infirmary delivered by Advanced

23 September 2021

FOLLOWING ON from an extensive overhaul of the emergency lighting system at Leeds General Infirmary, LuxIntelligent panels supplied by fire and life safety systems manufacturer Advanced are now ensuring ongoing compliance with the BS 5266-1 Code of Practice.

As a large teaching hospital in the heart of the city, the Leeds General Infirmary is a specialist centre for a number of services, including the Major Trauma Centre and hand transplants. Now, 24 LuxIntelligent panels are ensuring functionality and compliance across many of the hospital’s key departments, including general acute services like A&E, intensive care and high dependency units, maternity and state-of-the-art operating theatres.

The system comprises of over 2,000 standalone light fittings covering the majority of buildings across the extensive site. The recent system upgrade involved the recommissioning of panels and rewiring of loops to deliver a more robust and reliable system, with significantly reduced device failure rates.

Thomas Barnes, estates officer at Leeds General Infirmary, said: “As a fire protection measure, it’s paramount that we ensure all emergency lighting performs as required. By tackling each panel and loop individually to remedy faults and device failures, the LuxIntelligent system is now delivering both greater performance and efficiency benefits.”

Barnes continued: “To drive greater efficiencies across the hospital site, we have reduced the different types of light fitting we require and implemented Advanced’s new range of low voltage LED lighting. Fewer types of devices now satisfy the majority of requirements across the site, making the maintenance of fittings and sourcing spares far simpler. Without doubt, the LuxIntelligent panels have contributed to the success of the emergency lighting system upgrade.”

Detail behind the solution

LuxIntelligent is an addressable, automatic emergency lighting test system that shows all emergency lights are compliant and functioning, with no engineer involvement required. Each panel has up to four loops supporting 249 luminaires, and can be easily networked to work with existing wiring and luminaires, thereby keeping installation costs to a minimum.

Interestingly, the system also offers optional cloud monitoring and system management via mobile and web apps.

Matt Jones, emergency lighting business manager at Advanced, commented: “Thanks to the excellent work undertaken by Thomas and his team, the Luxintelligent system is now realising its full potential and delivering on the requirements of the site. Throughout the system refurbishment process, our Technical Support team members were on hand to provide their expertise in assisting with fault finding.”

Jones went on to note: “It’s also great to see the hospital adopt the latest in energy efficient technology with the installation of EasySafe low voltage emergency luminaires and exit signs. As more institutions migrate towards less energy-consuming lighting, reductions in overheads and environmental impact can be achieved.”

LuxIntelligent can be used with EasySafe, Advanced’s latest range of addressable low-voltage emergency luminaires and exit signs. Powered directly from the LuxIntelligent panel, EasySafe devices don’t require any local power supply and are compatible with any existing LuxIntelligent luminaires and exit signs, in turn enabling the straightforward installation of devices on existing wiring to form one intelligent emergency lighting system.