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High performance realised by Advanced’s EasySafe emergency lighting products

11 May 2021

THE LATEST line of EasySafe low-voltage, LED emergency luminaires and exit signs from Advanced offers end users “higher performance and greater energy efficiency benefits than ever before”.

All EasySafe products are designed to work with LuxIntelligent, Advanced’s testing system for emergency lighting. Powered directly from the LuxIntelligent panel, Advanced’s EasySafe devices require no local power supply. All devices are compatible with any existing LuxIntelligent luminaires and exit signs, enabling the easy installation of devices with existing wiring to form a single and comprehensive intelligent emergency lighting system.

The low-voltage lights offer quick and easy fitting and service, with a simple ‘twist and click’ installation on a first-fix base. EasySafe has been designed to offer true scalability, with just one LuxIntelligent panel supporting up to 200 EasySafe devices alongside an additional 796 locally-powered devices.

Traditional fluorescent lighting consumes significantly more electricity than LED technology, while the typical lifespan of fluorescent lights is between 15% and 30% less than that of identical LED solutions. This results in a greater number of lamp failures and replacements leading to higher overall maintenance costs. On average, switching to EasySafe’s low-energy LED emergency lighting will deliver 20% energy efficiency savings when compared with fluorescent alternatives.

Matt Jones, Advanced’s emergency lighting business manager, informed Fire Safety Matters: “Realising the potential reductions in overheads and environmental impact that simply switching to LED can make is driving a fast pace of change towards less energy-consuming lighting. EasySafe’s quick and simple installation using the ‘twist and click’ mechanism, in addition to compatibility with almost any existing emergency lighting system, means less fitting time on site which then brings additional time and resource savings.”

Thanks to LuxIntelligent’s cloud connectivity, managing maintenance and compliance is easy. Test results data is available at the touch of a button via the cloud-connected LuxIntelligent control panel, a PC or a mobile app.

Jones added: “In developing EasySafe, significant time went into sourcing input and feedback from installers, service and maintenance engineers, specifiers and facilities managers. We’re confident that our customers will find tangible efficiency and compliance benefits from our solution. Well-tested, compliant and dependable emergency lighting is vital for life safety. EasySafe optimises LED technology to not only help ensure compliance with BS 5266-1 and EN 60598.2.22, but also assists in driving down the cost of owning and maintaining an emergency lighting system.”

*Further information is available online at www.advancedco.com