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Comelit takes care of new fire detection regime at Gleavewood Care Home

12 May 2020

COMELIT GROUP has provided the fire detection solution installed at the Gleavewood Care Home by KJ Fire Safety for the ongoing safety and security of staff, residents and visitors alike.

The Cheshire-based Gleavewood Care Home, which is part of the Minster Care Group, is a two-storey care home complete with 30 single rooms and a variety of communal areas. The location boasts an enclosed garden area. Indeed, there are multiple facilities on site for the benefit of residents and their guests.

KJ Fire Safety was called to the site following a risk assessment having been conducted on the fire detection systems. With recommendations made for a new install, Comelit’s Atena Easy two-loop solution was specified and fitted in just three weeks, with the technicians involved working around the needs and requirements of residents and staff.

Ruth Field, estates director at the Minster Care Group, explained: “Mitigating the risk from fire is a fundamental Duty of Care in any care home, and an absolute priority across our property portfolio. To ensure the safety of our staff and residents at Gleavewood, KJ Fire Safety worked diligently to install Comelit’s system as quickly as possible, while being sensitive to our residents and their daily routines. We have been really impressed, not only with the fast-paced installation, but also the finished Atena Easy control panel on which staff have now been trained. It has proven to be very user-friendly.”

Comelit’s Atena Easy system has been installed as an addressable fire alarm connected to 130 devices on a completely new cable scheme. The information for the system status is visualised on a graphic LED display with indication for zones and troubleshooting.

Nigel Thomas, managing director at KJ Fire Safety, informed Fire Safety Matters: “Care home owners need to review their fire risk assessments with a proper understanding of how fire can travel and develop. Good practice, as Minster Care Group demonstrates, is that this is done on a regular basis. When Gleavewood’s fire safety risk assessment highlighted critical action that needed to be taken, we quickly and efficiently replaced the existing system with Comelit Atena Easy due to its ease of installation and the fact that we wouldn't need to re-use any element of the original system.”

Mandy Bowden, business development manager for fire solutions at Comelit, concluded: “Comelit’s Atena Easy system is simple to install, cost-effective and user-friendly. It's designed with ease of use in mind. For added assurance, it comes with full training and ongoing support. This makes the solution perfect for care homes such as Gleavewood where fire safety is of such critical importance to ensure peace of mind for all those who work there, live on site or visit the premises.”