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Chubb celebrates two decades of support for Mahon Point Shopping Centre

07 June 2024

FIRE SAFETY and security solutions provider Chubb is celebrating two decades of supporting Cork City’s largest shopping complex, namely the Mahon Point Shopping Centre, by providing vital life safety solutions.

Located in the Mahon area of Cork, Mahon Point Shopping Centre spans 32,500 m2 over two floors and comprises 60-plus stores, as well as a 13-screen cinema, and accommodates parking for 2,500 vehicles.

Life safety systems play a crucial role in Shopping Centres by protecting visitors, staff and property in the event of an emergency. In 2004, Chubb was commissioned to provide multiple integrated life safety solutions at the location to ensure both quick detection and response during fire incidents.

The project involved the installation of a fire detection system, a voice alarm system, a gas detection system, afire telephone system and also a sprinkler interface system, all interconnected through a Notifier ID3K system to monitor all field devices and immediately alert the Mahon Point Shopping Centre’s Control Room team members of any activations.

Proactive approach

“We have worked with Chubb for over two decades now,” explined Justin Young, director at the Mahon Point Shopping Centre, “consistently finding the members of its team to be professional, responsive and reputable. Chubb’s proactive approach, innovative products and thorough understanding of our needs all serve to ensure the safety and security of our facilities and personnel.”

The fire detection system installed on the ground and first floors comprises circa 2,500 alarm devices spread across all parts of the Shopping Centre. An extensive voice alarm system is used to communicate clear instructions and evacuation procedures in order to prevent panic and guide occupants safely out of the building in the event of an emergency.

A state-of-the-art gas detection system installed in the plant rooms and food court area monitors the environment for the presence of harmful or explosive gases and delivers early warnings to prevent fire risks.

Building Regulations require that Shopping Centres provide a fire telephone system to assist the Fire and Rescue Service in the event of an emergency situation in the building. The installed fire telephone system enables two-way communication between fire officers or those responsible for the evacuation of the building during an emergency. They provide speech communication between the telephones and the operators in the Control Room.

Fire sprinkler interface

A fire sprinkler interface is used to monitor the water flow valves and tamper valves of the Mahon Point Shopping Centre’s sprinkler system at multiple locations throughout the internal space. This involves using input devices out in the field to monitor all of the sprinkler tamper and flow switches, as well as the main sprinkler pump hose.

Chubb’s designers mapped out all of the fire alarm and field device locations on an ONYXWorks graphics system: a 40-inch graphical workstation located in the Control Room. In the event of an alarm activation, the graphics system immediately pinpoints the exact location of the hazard such that security teams can respond instantly.

“A project of this scale required meticulous planning,” explained Ger Long, service manager for Chubb Ireland. “We completed all of the installation work over a very tight window in December 2004, with our engineers working continuously, except on Christmas Day, to ensure the systems were fully tested and handed over in January 2005.”

Mahon Point Shopping Centre opened to the public in February 2005. Since then, Chubb has been providing ongoing maintenance and servicing support. Maintenance visits are conducted quarterly and require Chubb’s designated engineer to spend approximately one week on site conducting preventative maintenance on the fire detection system, voice alarm system and parts of the sprinkler system. Every six months, Chubb also tests the gas detection system.

This regular maintenance and servicing schedule ensures that the life safety systems remain in peak condition and fully operational, with few site visits required, other than when vendors leave the development or recommissioning is required for new shop units.

*Further information is available online at www.chubb.ie