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Chubb appointed exclusive distributor, installer and service provider of SmartCell

24 June 2020

CHUBB HAS just been appointed as the exclusive UK distributor, installer and service provider of SmartCell, a complete wireless fire detection platform developed by EMS. The platform provides end users operating smaller commercial sites and properties with complete control of their fire safety systems’ performance and strategy.

EMS’ new SmartCell product range comprises all elements required in a fire safety solution, including an EN-certified control panel, detectors, manual Call Point, sounder (with visual alarm), a dual input/output device and contact transmitter. Designed with the ability to expand as required, the system can accommodate up to 32 wireless fire and a variety of information devices.

A notable feature of SmartCell, and something of an innovation in the fire safety marketplace, is its built-in communications capability, which not only enables remote diagnostics (to identity and remedy potential issues), but also allows all event notifications to be sent to mobile devices via a dedicated Chubb mobile app. This allows end user customers to have total visibility of their fire system performance, anytime and anywhere.

It’s also Alarm Receiving Centre-ready, enabling potential fire alarms to be remotely monitored by a third party, as well as having the ability not only to monitor fire, but also floods and potential issues with heating/cooling systems.

Making maximum use of EMS’ technology, with that business specialising in wireless and hybrid fire detection systems, Chubb has limited exclusive access to the SmartCell system for four months.

Integrated signalling

“With integrated signalling and intelligent cloud-based communications and notifications, the SmartCell system offers end users the ultimate convenience in accessing their fire safety information,” explained Richard Drew, technical and product manager for fire detection and alarms at Chubb. “Compact and with an aesthetically pleasing design, it’s quick and simple to install. Its flexibility makes SmartCell a user-friendly, commercially-attractive solution for a wide variety of customers and applications.”

Whether you’re a business owner looking for a complete new system, thinking about retrofitting or otherwise expanding your existing system, SmartCell offers an easy-to-install and flexible solution.

*For more information on SmartCell visit: https://www.chubbfiresecurity.com/en/uk/products/fire/detecting-fires/SmartCell/

*To watch a video outlining the technology visit: https://images.carriercms.com/video/upload/v1590585424/chubb/videos/1338_SmartCell_Rev_Sept_English_2019_1.mp4