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EN54 certified digital linear heat detection cable

07 January 2020

Thermocable (Flexible Elements) Ltd, a leading manufacturer and supplier of linear heat detection cable and equipment, has launched its new ProReact EN Digital LHD range, which is described as the first EN54 certified digital linear heat detection cable available on the market.

Digital linear heat detection cable is a line type heat detector that monitors for fire or overheating along its entire length. It can be used for either open (a.k.a room) or local area protection and is suitable for tough or harsh environments where other fire detectors may be less suited. Furthermore, digital linear heat detection cable is a relatively cost-effective form of fire detection and requires comparatively little ongoing maintenance post-installation. Popular applications include fire detection in car parks, warehouse racking, cable trays, conveyor belts and many more.

The fire alarm and detection industry in Europe is strictly regulated by the European standards and all fire safety equipment used within the region must hold EN54 certification.

EN54-28:2016 Non-resettable line-type heat detectors specifies the requirements and performance criteria of digital (i.e. non-resettable) linear heat detection cable within Europe. It has been adopted by many European countries, including United Kingdom.

Thermocable has designed its ProReact EN Digital LHD system to meet the tough criteria and, in doing so, introduces the first EN54-28:2016 certified linear heat detection system in Europe.

Thermocable's ProReact EN Digital LHD range comprises of a ProReact Digital Sensor Control Unit (DSCU-EN), ProReact EN Digital Linear Heat Detection Cable (with two alarm temperatures available - 78°C and 88°C) and a ProReact Digital End of Line Unit (EOLU-EN). Up to 1,000 metres of ProReact EN Digital LHD cable can be installed per zone and each ProReact Digital Sensor Control Unit (DSCU-EN) can monitor up to two zones simultaneously. Furthermore, the outer material of the ProReact EN Digital LHD cable is UV resistant enabling it to be used in indoor and outdoor installations as well as being low smoke zero halogen. 

Thermocable will be showcasing its new technology at Intersec Dubai in January 2020 and Security Essen in Germany in September 2020. Please visit Thermocable's stand to speak with the team or visit www.thermocable.com for more information.