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BAFE unveils new Emergency Evacuation Scheme and launches public consultation

11 August 2020

BAFE, THE independent register of quality fire safety service providers, has unveiled the detail underpinning its latest Scheme which is currently in the final stages of development. BAFE SP207 covers the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of evacuation alert systems.

These systems are used by Fire and Rescue Services in buildings containing flats (including single-storey flats and maisonettes) across the UK. The Scheme has been developed with the support and co-operation of the National Security Inspectorate (NSI), Gerda and other industry parties. 

The new BAFE Scheme observes Best Practice and the recent standard developed by BSI, specifically BS 8629 Code of Practice for the Design, Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance of Evacuation Alert Systems for Use by Fire and Rescue Services in Buildings Containing Flats which was published in November last year. 

BAFE has made the BAFE SP207 Evacuation Alert Systems Scheme document available to view and, in parallel, launched a four-week consultation period requesting comment and feedback from the fire safety industry, Fire and Rescue Services and the wider safety industry.

To download the BAFE SP207 Scheme Document and for information on how to comment visit:

Commenting on BS 8629, the BSI said that this “exists to help ensure that systems are fit for purpose and to encourage uniformity. If systems look and function the same way in every building, firefighters will not waste any time understanding how they work.”

Approved Document B

In May, the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government published a document entitled Government Response: Sprinklers and Other Fire Safety Measures in New High-Rise Blocks of Flats in which it revealed that 92% of respondents believe that Approved Document B “should include a requirement for an emergency evacuation [alert] system which could support Fire and Rescue Services’ operational response by alerting residents if they need to escape.” 

The Government responded that “there was also strong support in the consultation responses for the inclusion of guidance on an evacuation alert system for high-rise blocks of flats, although many respondents also raised concerns about the use of this new technology.” 

It was always part of BAFE’s judgement to develop a Scheme designed to support the industry with a robust method of providing evidence of competency to work with these systems. BAFE strongly believes these systems in more buildings, when implemented correctly, will aid Fire and Rescue Services across the UK in saving lives. 

The BAFE SP207 Evacuation Alert Systems Scheme consultation runs until the 31 August (closing at 11.45 pm on that date). 

Upon official publication, third party certification for this BAFE Scheme will be available via the NSI. Contact the NSI directly to register your interest via john.davidson@nsi.org.uk