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BAFE revises Fire Risk Assessment Scheme

27 August 2019

BAFE, THE independent register of quality fire safety service providers, have released the revised Scheme Document for their Fire Risk Assessment Scheme (BAFE SP205).

Following a thorough review process and a five week public consultation period, BAFE have launched the revised document for Fire Risk Assessment providers. A major point of the review was to maintain the robust certification process whilst acknowledging the large number of sole traders and in-house fire safety teams looking to gain this independent evidence of their competency.

With assessments delivered via UKAS Accredited Certification Bodies NSI and SSAIB, BAFE remains fiercely confident that the SP205 scheme continues to represent the best measures of competency in providing the vital service of fire risk assessment.

Stephen Adams, BAFE chief executive said, “After the Lakanal House fire in July 2009, BAFE and other organisations were asked by government to provide a competency scheme for fire risk assessments - which we delivered in 2012. This major review reflects our ongoing commitment to quality and safety regarding the importance of a Fire Risk Assessors competency to perform this task in the interest first and foremost of life safety. As the Hackitt Review groups reach their conclusions we will continue to review this scheme against new requirements that arise.”

Notable changes to the BAFE SP205 Scheme Document include: 

  • Revised, clearer Management System requirements for Sole Traders with guidance.

  • A specific Sole Trader application process, acknowledging current membership status to a professional trade body and/or current certification.

  • All sub-contractors must be Third Party Certificated (by a UKAS Accredited Third Party Certification Body) in their own right.

  • Sole Traders sub-contracting to another larger organisation should have their Fire Risk Assessments validated in a separate exercise by that larger organisation.

  • Enhanced report monitoring for Sole Traders.

Certification to the BAFE SP205 Life Safety Fire Risk Assessment Scheme is highly regarded as a means of sourcing a quality fire risk assessment provider for your requirements. This is listed within the Fire Risk Assessment Competency Council’s Guide to Choosing a Competent Fire Risk Assessor which is published on the National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC) website.

For further information on the BAFE SP205 Scheme and to view the new version of the Scheme Document, please visit the BAFE website www.bafe.org.uk