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Avon Protection partners with Venari Group for thermal imaging camera distribution in UK fire market

14 July 2020

HIGH-PERFORMANCE equipment manufacturer Avon Protection has announced the Venari Group as its new distributor of thermal imaging cameras for the UK fire market.

The agreement will see Venari commence distributorship of Avon Protection’s ‘argus’ range of thermal cameras with immediate effect. The British-manufactured argus technology has been a mainstay of the British fire industry for three decades, supported by continual investment in R&D and product innovation. The ‘Mi-TIC’ unit is “the world’s smallest NFPA 1801-certified thermal imager” for firefighting applications.

After launching into the fire market earlier this year through Oliver North, Venari has already made a name for itself, having acquired the UK’s biggest and most established ambulance manufacturer, O&H Vehicle Technology. It has also been announced as the UK manufacturer of Ziegler Group’s technologically advanced range of firefighting vehicles.

Now, with the latest evolution in the Mi-TIC’s legacy, Venari will be tasked with spearheading customer care, sales and marketing for the UK fire and ambulance services from its state-of-the-art, 60,000 square foot emergency vehicle manufacturing facility.

Avon Protection’s European sales director Mark Ridsdale commented: “I’ve worked with many of the team at Venari in the past and very much look forward to working with them again. Their passion for the Mi-TIC thermal imager completely mirrors that of our own.”

Ridsdale added: “With the latest development of Mi-TIC incorporating the IGNIS engine, this means our thermal imaging camera can provide absolute clarity for firefighters in the most demanding situations. Our thermal imaging camera being supplied and backed up by Venari’s incredibly efficient team will provide an excellent platform for us to solidify our market share.”

Venari Group CEO Oliver North responded: “Avon Protection’s range of thermal imaging cameras has long been at the forefront of UK firefighting strategy. The alignment of Avon Protection and Venari completely champions the importance and significance of strengthening UK-manufactured products. Avon Protection is genuinely one of the most exciting companies I’ve had the privilege of working with in my career to date, and the continuation of our dynamic partnership is one with which I’m excited to be involved.”

North went on to state: “I’ve previously had seven years of experience with the Mi-TIC, and I’m thrilled to represent it to its fullest potential in both the UK Fire and Rescue market as well as the ambulance market with hazardous area response teams teams. Many of the wider team at Venari are also experienced with the Mi-TIC and wholeheartedly share my passion for the range.”