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Advanced focuses on evacuation alert systems with launch of EvacGo

11 December 2020

FIRE PROTECTION solutions manufacturer Advanced has launched EvacGo, its evacuation alert system designed to meet the recommendations of BS 8629:2019 relating to buildings containing flats with storeys over 18 metres above ground level.

Available in the UK from Monday 2 November, EvacGo has been designed to support any evacuation strategy chosen by the Fire and Rescue Services. The new panel combines EN54-2 and 4 approved MxPro 5 technology with clear, easy-to-use manual controls to ensure that firefighters can quickly and effectively identify and operate alert sounders to support safe evacuation from taller residential buildings.

EvacGo provides a simple, at-a-glance overview of a building’s evacuation alert zones along with LED indication and manual toggle-switch controls for operating evacuation alert devices in each zone.

The panels are available in 8, 16, 24 or 32 ‘firefighter evacuation alert area’ variants and are expandable from one to four loops (or even further when using Advanced’s robust and fault-tolerant network).

The EvacGo panel is housed inside a robust, security-rated enclosure meeting the STS 205 Class BR2 security rating with patented BS EN 1303-compliant lock. This minimises tampering and restricts access to Fire and Rescue Service personnel only who are able to access the controls using a patented key (as stipulated in the BS 8629 Code of Practice).

Meeting relevant standards

Ken Bullock, Advanced’s business development manager for emergency evacuation systems, said: “We understand our customers need peace of mind that they’re meeting all relevant standards. Our response to BS 8629 recommendations is based on extensive consultation with industry experts involved in developing the Code of Practice, combined with proven technology used in our EN54-approved MxPro 5 fire panels. For our STS 205-rated enclosure, we have again followed BS 8629 guidance to the letter, partnering with leading security enclosure manufacturer Gerda to ensure maximum security for this powerful and vital life safety equipment.”

Bullock added: “We appreciate that new standards can be confusing so we’ve carefully designed EvacGo to take away the hard work for building owners, end users and, importantly, front line Fire and Rescue Services personnel. Our system provides a robust, effective and reliable evacuation management system that can be trusted to work as intended at all times.”

BS 8629:2019 recommends the installation of a dedicated evacuation alert system intended for the sole use of the Fire and Rescue Services and separate from the building’s fire alarm system. It’s relevant to blocks of flats with a storey located at a height of more than 18 metres above ground level.

Although not yet a legal requirement in England, evacuation alert control and indicating equipment installation is already mandatory in new buildings over 18 metres in Scotland and considered Best Practice by a number of Fire and Rescue Services.