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ASFP website revamp improves online functionality for Trade Association

09 March 2022

THE ASSOCIATION for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP) has redesigned and relaunched its website, which now features a contemporary appearance, improved functionality and also navigation aimed at enhancing the visitor experience when seeking the passive fire protection-focused advice and information they need.

The revamped site uses clear navigation to ensure the visitor can quickly access the information they’re seeking, whether this is the ASFP’s extensive range of guidance documents and webinars in the ‘Knowledge’ section or access to events and training courses.

The ‘News’ section affords visitors direct access to what’s happening in terms of the ASFP’s activities. There’s also videos and interviews on ASFPTV and information on the ASFP’s recently introduced IGNITE magazine. The member search feature allows visitors to access details of all ASFP members or otherwise search by keyword to locate the most appropriate product or specialist contractor for their project.

Brand new features include an ‘Ask the Expert’ functionality (which is located under the ‘Knowledge’ section) where members and visitors can send their queries directly to the most relevant member of the team, thereby ensuring a faster response. In a similar vein, booking a training course or attendance at ASFP events is now a simpler process, with online forms available to register interest and credit card booking for training.

The latter includes the ASFP’s ‘Introduction to Passive Fire Protection’ and the  e-learning system available for studying towards the IFE Level 2 and Level 3 qualifications/certificates in ‘Passive Fire Protection’.

Customer Relationship Management

The site is linked to the ASFP’s new Customer Relationship Management system, enabling the Trade Association to provide a much greater range of services for its members, including the new Member Hub, which offers members access to benefits and discounts.

Members can also develop their own profiles and join the ASFP’s online community where they can post questions and comments and network with other ASFP members. They can post their job vacancies in the new ‘Careers’ section of the website and also register to receive ASFP newsletters, which deliver industry information plus ASFP news and updates.

Announcing the new online launch, ASFP CEO Steve Davies declared: “The ASFP’s new website offers a fresh design and improved navigation tools to help individuals locate very quickly exactly what it is they need. It provides easy access to an extensive range of passive fire protection guidance for visitors and members alike.”

Davies added: “The new Member Hub and online community will transform the way in which we can support members and significantly broadens our services and member networking opportunities. The site contains a wealth of technical information, ASFP news and events and simple access to training courses.”

*To access the redesigned ASFP website visit www.asfp.org.uk

**The ASFP was formed in 1975 in recognition of a need to bring together passive fire protection manufacturers, contractors and testing/certification bodies to encourage, develop and give guidance on essential standards in passive fire protection.

The ASFP serves – and represents – the needs of its members and the wider passive fire protection industry by raising standards and competence through training, testing, certification and quality of installation and maintenance.

Ultimately, the Trade Association aims to advance knowledge and guidance on all aspects of ‘built-in’ fire protection, provide technical support and impartial advice, lead regulatory and behavioural change as an independent authority and improve competence and quality through training delivery.