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ASFP begins dedicated passive fire protection webinar programme

24 August 2020

THE ASSOCIATION for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP) has announced the detail underpinning a programme of free passive fire protection webinars. Each broadcast will focus on a different passive fire protection system, duly providing a comprehensive introduction to the main characteristics of the product type under review and explaining the testing, performance and installation requirements.

Importantly, the webinars will also introduce the ASFP’s own Best Practice guidance related to each product, particularly the ASFP’s suite of ‘Colour Books’. These are referenced in the Building Regulations and provide definitive guidance on the full range of passive fire protection measures available.

The first event took place from noon until 1.00 pm on Wednesday 12 August and focused on fire-resisting ductwork. This coincided with the launch of the Second Edition of the ASFP’s Blue Book European Version: ‘Fire-Resisting Ductwork’. Tested to BS EN 1366 Parts 1, 8 and 9 (Classification to BS EN 13501 Parts 3 and 4), the webinar was used as a platform to explain what fire-resisting ductwork is and the performance requirements placed upon it.

The session aimed to help attendees understand the essential factors relating to the design and installation of fire-resisting ductwork (including smoke control ductwork) in accordance with UK and EU legislation, outlining the relevant Building Regulations and European (BS EN) Standards which apply.

The webinar was designed to be of interest to all involved in the manufacture, design, specification, installation and maintenance of fire-resisting ductwork. It also offered useful guidance to inspection authorities, risk assessors, facilities managers and business owners, providing an excellent introduction to all of the requirements related to maintaining the fire resistance of walls and floors penetrated by ducts. Key considerations including the support, testing, labelling, cleaning and maintenance of ductwork systems were also covered.

*Register to watch the webinar on demand at https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_B7cSeLiZQv2xjD8iTMfhtw

Full programme

The full programme of ASFP webinars focused on passive fire protection is as follows:

*Active Fire Curtains Wednesday 9 September (noon-1.00 pm)

*Firestopping and Penetration Seals Wednesday 14 October (noon-1.00 pm)

*Fire Protection of Structural Steel Wednesday 11 November (noon-1.00 pm)

*Fire and Smoke-Resisting Dampers Wednesday 9 December (noon-1.00 pm)

To reserve your place for any or all of these free webinars visit www.asfp.org.uk/webinars

The ASFP was formed back in 1975 in recognition of the defined need to bring together passive fire protection manufacturers, contractors and testing/certification bodies and encourage, develop and give guidance on essential standards in the realm passive fire protection.

Today, the ASFP serves and represents the needs of its members and the wider passive fire protection industry by raising standards and competence through training, testing and certification. The organisation aims to advance knowledge and guidance on all aspects of ‘built-in’ fire protection, provide technical support and impartial advice, lead regulatory and behavioural change as an independent authority and improve competence and quality through training.