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“Check approvals for Category 3 Control fire performance cables” warns AEI Cables

26 October 2020

SOLUTIONS SPECIALIST AEI Cables is highlighting the need for organisations to use approved cabling only in critical signal and control equipment with the announcement of a revised version of the Code of Practice covering performance that maintains fire safety.

The equipment served by such cables – including smoke and heat extraction systems – assist Fire and Rescue Services when it comes to both firefighting and, importantly, safe evacuations from buildings where life safety is the prime consideration.

As the only supplier in the UK with independent approval from the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) for BS 8519 Category 3 Control fire performance cables with a fire survival time of up to 120 minutes, AEI Cables is duly highlighting the reference in the new revised version of the British Standard.

Graham Turner, spokesperson for AEI Cables, said: “The British Standard clearly references and clarifies the products and levels of performance that should be used for all parts of the supply chain, from specifiers through to contractors and installers. We would point out that anything inferior that’s installed is dangerous and could lead to some of these systems simply not surviving in a fire with all of the attendant dangers that brings.”

Turner continued: “These cables reduce the risk to life through the reduction of harmful smoke, toxic gases and reduced flame spread. It’s vitally important for everyone involved to strive to achieve the highest performance possible. Fire and Rescue Services depend on these systems to help them fight fires and safely evacuate those who may be inside a given building. Installing the wrong products can be catastrophic.”

The application of Category 3 Control fire performance cables also applies to evacuation alarms for the disabled in care homes as well as emergency voice communication systems and voice alarm systems in relevant buildings (including tall buildings, office spaces, hospitals, care homes, Shopping Centres and spot stadiums).

AEI Cables’ own Firetec enhanced cabling has been approved and certified by the LPCB to BS 8519 (Annex B) Category 3 Control in addition to Category 2 Control. The British Standard Code of Practice under BS 8519 contains six categories of cables (specifically, three for power cables and three for control cables, each covering survival times of 30, 60 or 120 minutes).